zoot sims – down home –

アメリカのテナーサックス奏者 zoot sims の1960年発表のスイングジャズのアルバム。






上記に述べた通り、スイング・ジャズは緻密な演奏が特徴であるが、zoot simsは自分の色としての即興を散りばめている。

もちろんzoot simsのサックスは言わずもがなだが、そのバックの演奏陣の中の一人、デイブマッケンナの演奏も聞き所。

An album of swing jazz released in 1960 by the American tenor saxophonist Zoot Sims.

This album allows listeners to enjoy cheerful jazz, focusing on Count Basie Orchestra’s tracks.

What is Swing Jazz? A genre of jazz that was predominantly led by white musicians and became popular in America in the early 1930s to the 1940s.

It heavily embodies lively dance music elements, and the compositions are often more meticulously structured than the characteristic improvisation in jazz.

Special Features of this Album As mentioned above, swing jazz is characterized by precise performances, yet Zoot Sims embeds his improvisational style as his own touch.

Of course, Zoot Sims’ saxophone performance stands out, but the performance of Dave McKenna, among the backing ensemble, is also noteworthy.